"Eugene’s individual style of playing and fresh approach to musical compositions, makes his music stand out from the crowd" (Time Out).

Eugene Kulikov is a UK based versatile guitarist and composer who covers many genres of instrumental music - Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Blues, Latin and Fingerstyle guitar.

He was born in Russia into a musical family and from a very early age was surrounded by music. At the age of 12 he started studying music theory and playing guitar under the guidance of his father, who was also a musician.

His musical career started in a school band, playing rock, blues and pop music under the influence of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, Free. In parallel with many hours of rehearsing with the band he also studied classical guitar.

With a view to advance as a musician, Eugene undertook a four-year course at the Moscow College of Music. During this time he was introduced to other musical instruments, such as piano, double bass, bass guitar, etc. Among many musical subjects he studied composition, orchestration and arranging music.

To expand his musical horizons and to get new musical ideas he listened to and analyzed many different styles of music. Together with Classical, Blues, Rock and Latin music he was very interested in Modern Jazz and jazz improvisation. Artists like John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, George Benson, Joe Pass became his new focus in developing as a musician.

After leaving the College of Music, he worked as a professional musician in the legendary Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra. There were many recording sessions, touring, appearing at music festivals, on TV and radio shows. At that time he discovered the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, John Coltrane and McCoy Tyner.

He has toured with bands, and as a solo artist, lectured and performed at The Royal Academy of Music. BBC radio presented a special program about Eugene and his musical career.

Eugene also composes and produces original compositions for films, commercials, TV and radio programs. Amongst his clients are well-known film/TV production companies such as Universal, NBC¸ Fox, CBS, Walt Disney, Warner Bros. One of Eugene's guitar compositions was featured in the Oscar nominated film "The Descendants”, starring George Clooney.

"Just A Hint" is one of the freshest and brightest new recordings to come along in some time, from guitarist Eugene Kulikov. The Russian-born recording artist covers a wide variety of genres that make up the mix of music known as ‘Smooth Jazz,’ including Latin rhythms, Chill Out grooves and Contemporary Jazz.

The new Smooth Jazz album, JUST A HINT is jammed-packed with 12 new tracks… all brimming with heartfelt melody and rhythmic excitement. We are elated about what is soon to be an illustrious career in the world of Nu Jazz for this soulful composer and producer!

(Sandy Shore - SmoothJazz.com)

Guitarist Eugene K has one of the hottest releases out called "Just A Hint" and we feature the laid back '"Blue Sunset" which sounds like a cross between Lee Ritenour and Lawson Rollins. (Jazz Net 247 Radio)

I am very impresed with this album. "Wonder Groove" caught my attention right away. congrats to Eugene. (Leo Ramirez, citr 101.9 fm)

Eugene Kulikov returns smooth jazz to its funky roots on new album "Wonder Groove".

Hailing from Great Britain, Eugene Kulikov returns smooth jazz to its heyday on his new album "Wonder Groove". Instead of the colorless, saxophone-driven uniformity that the genre eventually succumbed to, Eugene keeps its roots alive by remembering the urban rhythms that once glued its foundation. Smooth jazz is at its best when it leans toward fusion, injecting its hybrid of traditional and synthetic instrumentation with a funky backbeat. (Jazz Corner)

Smooth Jazz (Contemporary Jazz, Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz, Fusion) is a combination of instrumental virtuosity of jazz improvisation and modern electronic elements.

Smooth Jazz is a sub-genre of Jazz which is influenced by pop, rock, Latin, R&B and other styles of contemporary music.

It strarted its development in the late 1970s by jazz musicians who were looking for a new, fresh and more modern sound than traditional mainstream Jazz.

In the last ten years Smooth Jazz has become a very popular style of music, and has established itself as a new and exciting genre of music.

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